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Transforming Higher Education: ChatGPT’s Game-Changing Approach to Overcoming Dyslexia

October 9, 2023 Keir Williams Comments Off

We hope that the series of recent articles has helped students with dyslexia to consider how they can use assistive technologies, such as ChatGPT to aid them in their studies.

Throughout this series, we have delved into remarkable ways in which ChatGPT can provide invaluable support for students with dyslexia. If you have missed any of the 16 articles, please use the links below to access them.


  • Text-to-Speech Conversion: ChatGPT can convert written text into speech, allowing students with dyslexia to listen to information and instructions instead of struggling with reading.
  • Simplified Language: The model can simplify complex or technical language, making it easier for students with dyslexia to comprehend and understand the content.
  • Summarisation: When faced with lengthy articles or texts, ChatGPT can summarise the content, highlighting the main points and saving time for students with dyslexia who may struggle with reading long passages.
  • Reading Assistance: By summarising lengthy texts or articles, ChatGPT can provide concise overviews, aiding dyslexic users in grasping key information.


  • Spelling and Grammar Assistance: ChatGPT can provide real-time spelling and grammar suggestions, helping students with dyslexia overcome common writing errors and improve the clarity of their work.
  • Sentence Structure Support: The model can offer guidance on sentence construction, helping students organise their thoughts and express their ideas more effectively.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: ChatGPT can provide synonyms or alternative word suggestions, helping students enhance their vocabulary and find alternative expressions for their writing.
  • Writing Prompts: ChatGPT can suggest topics or provide writing prompts to stimulate creativity and help overcome writer’s block.
  • Proofreading Assistance: It can review and identify errors in written work, helping dyslexic users improve their written communication.

Further support and future developments

  • Research: ChatGPT can assist in finding relevant information and sources for research papers or assignments, reducing the time and effort required for students with dyslexia to search for resources independently.
  • Note-Taking: ChatGPT can help students with dyslexia take organised and legible notes during lectures or discussions, making it easier to review and study the material later.
  • Study and Exam Preparation: The model can provide study tips, offer strategies for exam preparation, and answer questions related to the course material, assisting students with dyslexia in planning their study approach effectively.
  • Emotional Support: ChatGPT can provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment for students with dyslexia to discuss their challenges, seek advice, and receive encouragement when needed.
  • Learning Resources: ChatGPT can recommend dyslexia-friendly learning materials, websites, or tools to further support individuals in their learning journey.

So that we can share further tips, please email us to share any further ways you have found ChatGPT has aided your study, or other assistive technologies which has been evaluable to assist you in your learning.