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Dyslexia specialist tuition

December 18, 2023 Keir Williams Comments Off

When it comes to dyslexia, specialist tuition can be a game changer. Dyslexia is a condition that affects an individual’s ability to read, write and spell. It can also impact on short-term memory and organisation skills. Dyslexia assessments can be carried out in school, with an Educational Psychologist, or privately with a specialist assessor. Following the assessment, recommendations will be made to help support the individual’s specific needs. These recommendations can include strategies to help the individual manage their difficulties, adjustments that can be made in the classroom or workplace, and personal recommendations for the individual to complete at home.

One such recommendation that is frequently made is specialist dyslexia tuition. Dyslexia tutors are trained to use specialist techniques that are specifically designed and structured to help people with dyslexia. They will work with the individual to develop practical strategies that will help them both in their studies / workplace as well as in their general lives.

Who can benefit from specialist dyslexia tuition?

Whilst support lessons and intervention may take place at school, it is rare for a school to have access to specialist dyslexia teachers. All learners can benefit from an extra boost provided by structured tuition for a period of time. However, for learners with dyslexia, this support can be crucial in helping them to find ways to overcome their specific weaknesses and build on their strengths. Dyslexia tutors can benefit both children and adults. In addition, adults might want a tutor to help with literacy or study skills, because the find paperwork and forms challenging or to provide help with time management and organisational skills.

How does a specialist dyslexia tutor vary from a normal tutor?

Most tutors will include work on basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as reinforcement of topics causing difficulty at school. They might include some study skills tuition. However, such one-size-fits-all academic tuition is not tailored to the specific needs of someone with dyslexia.

In contrast, a specialist dyslexia tutor varies from a normal teacher or tutor in that they will use specialist techniques specifically designed and structured to help people with dyslexia. This will typically focus upon development of a person’s phonological processing skills. They will ensure that the tuition is delivered in a safe and supportive environment to build self-esteem and confidence and work at the pace preference of the learner. This programme will be tailor-made to the specific learner’s areas of difficulty and with discussion, will develop practical strategies that will help the learner both in their studies / workplace as well as in their general lives.

How can a specialist tutor help?

Although dyslexia is a lifelong condition and cannot be ‘cured’, a dyslexia tutor can help an individual to develop strategies and techniques to overcome their specific difficulties. This is achieved through the delivery of alternative and specialist teaching methods. Frequently these involve a multisensory structured programme to strengthen a person’s reading skills by combining multiple senses at the same time to develop the brain’s neural pathways, particularly in activation of the left posterior and temporal areas, to improve the ability to reorganise information.

What else should you consider when selecting a tutor?

When selecting a tutor, it is important to choose someone who is qualified and experienced in teaching individuals with dyslexia. A specialist dyslexia tutor should have a good understanding of the condition and be able to provide targeted support that is tailored to the individual’s needs.

It is recommended that you send the tutor a copy of the dyslexia report before they start the tuition and meet with them to discuss what support they can put in place to meet the learner’s specific needs. In addition, a trial period of 3 – 4 lesson is a good idea to ensure that the student-tutor relationship is positive and effective. Tutors vary in cost, but for a specialist dyslexia one to one tutor, you should consider to pay around £50 per hour.

It might be possible for your tutor to visit your child’s school and complete the session either after school within the school building. Alternatively, as sessions with a dyslexia tutor are classed as an approved educational activity, if your child’s school agrees, your child could complete the tutor session during the school day without it impacting upon their attendance figures.

How do I identify a good dyslexia tutor?

A dyslexia tutor should be: experienced, qualified, flexible and supportive. They should have a current DBS check and be able to provide you references or direct you to online recommendations from previous clients. You might like to ask for a copy of the tutors CV, teaching qualifications or there reference number with one of the three UK dyslexia awarding bodies: PATOSS, BDA and Dyslexia Action. These are organisations which qualified teachers for Specific Learning Difficulties (including Dyslexia) can join. They contain detailed guidelines to enable you to check tutors are suitable for your needs.

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