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What is Visual Stress? Visual Stress has been known by many other names. Scotopic sensitivity syndrome, Meares- syndrome, Irlen syndrome, Visual Dyslexia, word crowding and Asfedia. Visual Stress is commonly defined as a

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MyStudyBar is a free, MS Windows based resource from CALL Scotland. It is specifically designed to help students with dyslexia and literacy based difficulties. This blog post lists some of the benefits and

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Whilst dyslexia is fundamentally a difficulty with processing language, it has many other characteristics that can help parents and teachers to detect issues early on and put in appropriate support. There are many

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Working memory is the capacity to store information in an individual’s temporary memory in order to perform a task involving multiple sequences and steps of operation. Many people with dyslexia also have working

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A font is a set of text characters (letters, numbers and punctuation) that has been created in a particular design style. Font styles can affect how clearly and quickly we can read text.

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We live in a 3-dimensional world. The human brains are designed to automatically recognise objects in 3-dimensions – regardless of which way round they are turned. Young children quickly learn that a dog

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Why have a dyslexia assessment? An assessment is a useful step to understanding the obstacles that are getting in the way of progress and unlocking talent and self-belief. It helps all those involved

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With many pupils having to learn at home due to school closures or self isolation, many people are finding that their child is struggling in some key areas of the curriculum. Whilst remote

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The process of reading is a science with precise technical terminology and the words or phrases used to describe aspects of reading can be complex. For non-specialists, not understanding these specialist terms can

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Frequent eye tests are important for everyone, but especially for children. Many eyesight problems in later life are due to early issues not being quickly identified and rectified. The eye examination performed at