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At what age can a child be assessed for Dyslexia?

March 14, 2022 Keir Williams Comments Off

Children develop skills at different rates. This makes it difficult to diagnose learning difficulties in young children. Although dyslexia cannot be diagnosed before a child is 7 years old, there are some early signs before then that might indicate signs of dyslexia (please see the blog posts: Dyslexia – what to look out for in pre-school children; Dyslexia – what to look out for in primary school children).

Dyslexia screeners

In addition to these early signs, for children of age 5 and above, it is possible for schools and/or specialist assessors to carry out a dyslexia screener. A screener enables suspected problems to be identified early on, thereby enabling quick intervention. Phonological awareness is frequently an area that children with dyslexia have difficulty with. Development of this skill is required to enable a child to read and spell. For children who fail their end of Year 1 phonics test, a dyslexia screener should be considered.

A screener is a useful first step to understanding why your child isn’t reading or spelling correctly at an early stage in school. It is usually a quick and informal process that records the child’s abilities in skills such as knowing the sounds of letters in the alphabet and how letters represent different sounds when put together. Although school may offer to screen for dyslexia free of charge, it is important to note that Screeners vary in the aspects that they investigate and they are not all comprehensive. A detailed screener conducted by a dyslexia assessor will normally include some form of psychometric tests in order to investigate a child’s difficulties in more depth as well as reading, writing and spelling assessments.

Dyslexia Diagnosis assessments

As children develop at different rates, a certain level of maturity is required before dyslexia can be diagnosed. For this reason, a formal dyslexia assessment cannot be conducted until a child is at least 7 years old. A Formal assessment take up to 3 hours to complete, comprise of a range of different tests as well as a consideration to reported background difficulties identified by both school and parents.

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