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Our team of APC qualified assessors conduct remote dyslexia assessments for adults, students and children. Remote dyscalculia screening and Access Arrangement assessments are also available.

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Dyslexia UK assessment

A Dyslexia UK assessment investigates a person’s areas and strength and difficulty to provide personalised, detailed recommendations to help them get the support they need to be successful at home, school, university and the workplace.

Remote Dyslexia assessments and Dyscalculia screening for children, students and adults

For children

For some children, despite targeted specific support, they struggle with aspects

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For students

Many people have developed strategies and techniques that have helped support

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For adults

A dyslexia assessment can provide an explanation for an individual's

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Specialist services for UK and International schools and colleges

Dyslexia UK provides remote SEND support for schools and colleges both within the UK and Internationally. We provide assessments, training and advice on meeting the individual needs of students with SEND.


Read what our clients say

Keir is a complete professional. He was friendly and kind and garnered a complete understanding of my child’s difficulties in a short space of time. Highly recommended!
Stephanie Landor
Stephanie Landor
Keir was fantastic, I advised him I suffered with social anxiety and have difficulty understanding questions so I was really nervous about the assessment but he was so reassuring and understanding, he made the assessment so much easier and less stressful because he was so patient and explained everything to me so clearly. Keir was very thorough and sent me a detailed report of the results and offered a follow up call to discuss with him any questions or concerns I had. Absolutely brilliant and such a nice person.
I had an assessment done with Lucy Hornsby in August 2023 and it was the nicest diagnostic assessment I have experienced. As an adult with ASD I tend to go into situations like this extremely anxious and concerned that I will not be able to communicate effectively. This was not the case here at all, Lucy was extremely lovely and her kind demeanour helped to calm me. Though the assessment was long I was offered breaks when needed and she great was at meeting access needs that I had. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a dyslexia asessment and am so grateful to be able to understand myself better from the very detailed report sent quickly afterwards.
Maria Andrew
Maria Andrew
Concise, emotionally intelligent and insightful assessment - which was necessary!
Jenny Simpson
Jenny Simpson
Absolutely amazing service and Keir makes it so relaxing for the children
Elaine Shaw
Elaine Shaw
I contacted Dyslexia UK a while ago for my son who showed many dyslexic traits. The response to my enquiry was very swift and I was able to book my son in soon after contacting them. The whole process was very clear and professional. The report received was very thorough and informative and explained the exact difficulties my son was experiencing. A very positive experience. Thank you!
Heather Caswell
Heather Caswell
A very stress free experience and the feeling that one is in good hands, calm and reassuring for my little boy, methodical, kind and gentle, I cannot recommend highly enough.
Sue Graham
Sue Graham
We were so impressed with Keir Williams. He was quick to respond to our initial enquiry and very personable and professional on the assessment call. He put my daughter at ease straightaway and she said afterwards she liked how he didn't put her under any pressure and yet he still carried out all the tests. The report came quickly and is very detailed and extremely helpful. I really appreciated his experience of working in schools and his understanding of how the school system works as well.It was a really informative experience and I would highly recommend his services.

Dyslexia UK’s team
of Specialist Assessors

At Dyslexia UK we don’t believe that specific learning difficulties should be a barrier to learning. Our team of experienced dyslexia assessors have a passion for exploring a person’s areas of strength and difficulty to provide personalised recommendations to enable them to become successful at home, school, university and the workplace.

Are you an experienced Dyslexia Tutor?

We are currently seeking more dyslexia tutors to join our growing team. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Dyslexia & Access Arrangement Assessor
Dyslexia, DSA & Access Arrangements Assessor
Dyslexia and Access Arrangement assessor
Dyslexia & Access Arrangement Assessor
Dyslexia Assessor & Tutor
Dyslexia Assessor & Tutor

Remote Assessment Services

Dyslexia Assessments


For adults and children aged 7+
A comprehensive diagnostic assessment of a person’s literacy abilities

Dyscalculia Screening


For adults and children aged 7+
An in-depth investigation of a person’s numerical abilities

Access Arrangements

From: £80/per pupil

For GCSE and A Level pupils
Remote, JCQ access arrangements – Form 8 required from the SENCo

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